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Under Armour: The Performance Mouthwear Solution


When we experience stress at work or play, our bodies instinctively react. Stress causes a “fight or flight” response, often accompanied by teeth clenching and the production of cortisol—the stress hormone. At Couchman Dental, we’re a certified provider of Under Armour mouthguards, invented to reduce the release of cortisol and lactic acid in adrenaline-filled moments and to enhance overall athletic performance.




More than just athletes benefit from Under Armour (UA) mouthwear; this patented performance technology helps many others in high-stress environments, including firefighters and EMTs. Under Armour introduces several key benefits:


       Increased muscle stamina from reduction of lactic acid

       Decreased heart rates from reduction of cortisol

       Reduction in overall psychological stress (allows greater mental focus)

       Faster reaction times during quick-decision moments

       Easy, quick, and painless custom fitting process

       Reduction in jaw and facial pain; better overall dental health

       Proven, patented results


Because the jaw has a tendency to clench in high-stress moments, its reflexes need to be trained in another direction. UA bite guards allow the athlete in us all to focus energy and intensity into the areas that need them most. 


Team Incentives


In as little as 20 minutes, Dr. Couchman will fit you for a UA mouth guard, which is generally ready to go about ten business days later. It won’t take long for you to notice a difference in your jaw—and in your game. Anyone from a yoga practitioner to a hockey player will benefit from a customized Under Armour device. If you want to “up your game,” consider making an appointment for yourself or your whole team!


We offer a per-unit price of $195 for teams of ten or more (compared with $395 per individual). Call Couchman Dental today!


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