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Patient Testimonials

Over the years, many patients have let us know that they appreciate Couchman Center for Complete Dentistry. On this page, we have included just some of the testimonials that illustrate why patients keep coming back to Couchman Center for Complete Dentistry.

Dr. Couchman and his staff are caring and very professional. I have been going to them for many years and I feel at ease whether it is a cleaning or a needed procedure. Recently one of my crowns fell off and they got me in first thing in the morning. Dr. Couchman with the aid of his assistant put it back in and made sure my bite is where it needs to be. They did not rush it and I left the office with confidence.

Everyone at the office makes going to the dentist amazing! From Dolly at the front to Dr. Couchman in the back. So thankful for all of them

“Great looking teeth for an old lady.” That’s what I said when the doc and crew at Couchman Center for Complete Dentistry asked me what I wanted from my dental work. I missed out on orthodontics when I was young. My parents couldn’t afford it. At least, that’s what I told people because it was less embarrassing to plead poverty than to admit I was too cowardly to face the metal. Then I started to get older. Numerous cavities, gum surgery, root canals, gold crowns, and crumbling teeth made me decide I’d better, as Lady Macbeth so aptly put it, ‘screw my courage to the sticking place.’ That and the nightmares I’d started having about Tracy Ullman’s character Kay calling her mother to ask, “Have you brushed you tooth yet?”
To my relief, I discovered that the good people at the Couchman practice suffer cowards gladly and very kindly. They set to work correcting first a bad bite and then using Invisalign braces to move the crooked teeth that were making it virtually impossible for me to keep my teeth completely clean. And never once was anyone less than compassionate and professional. I don’t think they let mean people work there.
Seventeen Invisalign trays later, I got to see the results of my quest for great teeth for an old lady. Frankly, I have to say it didn’t work. I didn’t get great teeth for an old lady. I got great teeth for anybody. So, eat your heart out Miss America, and on to the talent portion!
My sincere thanks to Dr. Couchman, Jill, Laura, Karla, Julie, and all the other great folks at the Couchman Center. You guys rock and I look forward to having you to help me keep my new mouth in top shape. Now, all I have to worry about is excess laugh lines from too much smiling. Oh well…

Sara L.

Thank you Dr. Couchman,
You and your staff are just the very best!
Blessings and God's favor be yours.

-Judy C.

Competence and caring are the two main things dental patients want and deserve. I've consistently gotten both. No complaints here.


I have had upper dentures for almost 50 years. The dentures Dr. Couchman made for me actually feel like they are very NATURAL teeth. The bite is so perfect, also. Now that the lower denture snaps in, they feel permanent and natural. The whole process was an amazing experience! I would highly recommend it to anyone!

Karen W.

I had experienced a bad root canal several years ago so was extremely anxious. Everyone helped me relax, consequently, this experience was more positive.

Marney T.

From the wonderful warm greeting of Jill at the desk to the fabulous, gentle cleaning from Julie and the nice visit with Dr. Couchman my first visit was perfect!

Michelle C.

This was my first positive, comfortable dental visit ever. So far you have all worked hard to put me at ease. Thank You.

Connie H.

I was seen by Julie for the first time and she had the same kind and professional manner I've come to respect from everyone. I always enjoy my visits!

Rachael M.

Erin and the staff did an excellent job, as always, Dr. Couchman

John M.

When I began looking for a dentist in Colorado Springs, I considered all the cards and brochures I received in the mail and all of the dental advertisements I heard on a local radio station. I was struggling with which dentist to try. I was also praying and asking God to lead me to the best dentist for me and for the best work I needed to have done. I looked in the Christian Business Directory and saw an ad by Dr. Couchman’s Center for Complete Dentistry. I considered Dr. Couchman and held him in my mind as I prayed. Another day I looked at dentists in the DEX Yellow pages and again I saw a very nice full page ad by Dr. Couchman. I liked that he was a Christian, that he had practiced dentistry in Colorado Springs for 30 years and he had a “Center for Complete Dentistry.”
I felt good about trying Dr. Couchman, and called and spoke to Christine, who was exceedingly kind and very nice. I made my first appointment and found Dr. Couchman to be very thorough and completely knowledgeable about his profession, including all the latest tools, materials and procedures for modern dentistry that he uses in his center. He is kind and caring, and I have found all the professionals working with him in his dentistry center to be the same. Now my husband is also a patient of Dr. Couchman’s and he really likes Dr. Couchman and all of the staff. We recommend him to everyone we meet who is looking for a dentist.

Juana K.

Everyone is so friendly and kind. I really feel that I made a right choice in coming here for my dental care.

Cathy C.

The overall team was excellent. Especially Julie did a very good job of clarifying for me every tid bit with great patience and a smile.

Lak R.

Erin is great and very friendly!

Melody C.

Everyone in the office is great!

Anita S.

After several dentist visits with other dentists in the CS area, I have found Dr. Couchman and staff to be very thorough and competent. The professionalism is top shelf. The knowledge of state of the art practice is very evident at this facility with the entire staff. Thanks to Dr. Couchman & staff!

Jim M.

I was totally pleased with the entire experience with Dr. Couchman, his staff and the work done at the lab. I would recommend his practice to anyone!

James E.

Julie is the best. I keep meaning to tell her (in person) how gentle she is in regard to performing her procedures. I have been to other hygienists in the past who seem to be a bit rough at times. Julie is the best hygienist I've ever been to. She also has a ery sweet personality.

Catherine S.

The people at Couchman dental are professional and nice. Especially Dr. Couchman, he is skillful and knowledgeable about the latest dentistry technology. Dr. Couchman provided me with wise suggestions in preserving my teeth by making them look great using Lumineer technology and dental implants. I am pleased with my service here and will highly recommend Dr. Couchman and his crew to anyone without any reservations. Please note that Dr. Couchman is a good/kind Christian dentist ! Hope there are more dentists like him!

Joalin L.

Julie is the best!!!!! It is a joy to see her every 6 months and a bummer that I don't get to come in and see her more often! She is great at her job and one of the sweetest people I ever met!:-)

Molly M.

The service of Dr. Couchman and his entire staff was outstanding, as always...Thank you and I pray that God Blesses all of you in very special ways.

Roberta R.

Julie was great. I had the easiest, most pleasant cleaning I have ever had. I am grateful to God that Dr. Couchman is a Christian and conducts himself as such. You are all super!!!

Don B.

I have totally enjoyed my dental experience with Dr. Couchman and his staff. The atmosphere is very relaxing and the staff is always welcoming and friendly. Many people have a fear of the dentist chair but mine were put to rest after the first visit. I was self-conscious about a gap I had between my two front teeth. Dr. Couchman did a wonderful job providing me with Lumineers that look so great, I smile at myself. I have also had cleanings and scaling work done and have always been satisfied with the service I received. He is so nice and a true Professional.

Gina H.

I am very pleased with how my teeth turned out. The Lumineers transformed my smile into a beautiful smile. I love how they look, definitely a confidence booster! Thank you guys so much! I can finally smile comfortably now.

Karah E.

Erin does a great job.

Anthony W.

Everyone I met was very friendly.

Keith C.

My entire visit was a delight from beginning to end. Each interaction was sincere, pleasant, and professional. I regret not having found you sooner! You can count on my enthusiastic referrals. Warm regards.

Carole H.

The reception was very friendly and courteous. Actually conversing with the Dr. was very informative and impressive. I can hardly wait for the next appointment.

Karen W.

Erin is the best! I couldn't ask for anyone more kind and friendly to clean my teeth and make my dental experience both comfortable and enjoyable. Thanks Erin!

Joseph B.

Not very often one can say going to the dentist was a pleasurable experience, but, in light of some of my previous experiences, this one was. Erin was just great and explained to my satisfaction any questions I had and I feel did a very good cleaning job.

Louise R.

My entire visit was a delight from beginning to end. Each interaction was sincere, pleasant, and professional. I regret not having found you sooner! You can count on my enthusiastic referrals. Warm regards, Carole Horst

Carole H.

Thank God for chocolate, which I keep in my car, right after a dental cleaning! I would also like to say thank you to the team for being so positive when they see me.

Grace J.

Everyone seemed very knowledgable and positive. It is refreshing to see an office where folks actually seem to enjoy their jobs!

Caren J.

I feel so comfortable at your office during some of my procedures, such as cleaning, I can almost fall asleep!

Susan V.

Dear Dr. Couchman and Staff,
Thank you for all your help treating my TMD. After 10 years of chronic TMD, it is amazing finally being "pop"-free. So I really appreciate everything you and your staff have done to improve my situation. Everyone has been so nice and have been a pleasure to know.
Thank you again for everything!
Physical Therapist

Dr Couchman has absolutely the best staff - always friendly and courteous.

Marie R.

Julie made me feel like a special patient immediately. She also did a wonderful job with the oral cancer check and teeth cleaning. I enjoyed meeting with Dr. Couchman and look forward to my next consultation. All the staff were friendly and helpful . I think I've found my perfect dentist!

Maureen H.

My teeth have never been this clean! It is wonderful.

Jannine N.

Very efficient staff - Julie did a great job! Thank You!

Kathryn H.

I was so blessed to have found you! Thank you for helping me so quickly. God bless.

Jane S.

It feels good that all of you staff know my name even though I am in there a couple times a year. Keep up the great work.

Charlene K.

Julie was informative and gentle.

David M.

The lady who typed up my next phase of treatment explained bridges to me. I am really glad she did, there was a lot I didn't know. No other dental office or staff has explained to me what was involved. That was pretty darn nice! Thank you!

Connie H.

Love seeing Julie. She's a great hygeniest. Very kind, gentle, and friendly.

Kelly J.

Your staff is always friendly and helpful and very personable. You and your staff make dental appointments much more pleasant for me than any other office has.

Julie A.

Julie was great.

Bruce L.

You are all very friendly and helpful.

Barbara D.

The whole office was professional and very courteous. I am looking forward to completing all dental care with this facility and referring other clients, as well.

Ann G.

You are doing very good; keep up the good work. I fully understand all my options. Thank you for caring.


Julie was the best DH I have ever been to. Very gentle. Thank you.

Joy G.

Great time with great people. Thank you.

James T.

My first visit with Erin and Dr. Couchman went very well. They listened to all my fears and talked me through them.

Roxanne M.

I was taken in 10 minutes before my appointed time, which is unusual at most Dr.'s offices. I feel very confident having Dr. Couchman do the work! The front desk ladies are very friendly and helpful with scheduling and questions.

Karen W.

Thanks to Tracy & Laura and all your friendly staff, they always make my visits very pleasant.

Cruz M.

It's rare that a person can say that it's a pleasure to visit the dentist's office, but I did find it to be truly a pleasure.

Benjamin M.

The staff made you feel at you were part of the family...

Dr. Don is one of the kindest dentists I've ever had in my life. I'm glad I chose him for my dental care. Even though I received bad news about my teeth, Dr. Don was very concerned for my health as was the rest of the staff, and I very much appreciate that.

Cathy C.

Everyone is always so kind, helpful and friendly. It is not always fun to see a dentist, but the staff and the Dr. make it as pleasant as posiible.

Jennifer P.

Everyone I met was very pleasant and welcoming. Thanks!

Dicki B.

You guys are always the greatest.

The hygienist was very kind. She made sure my experience was pleasant and comfortable. That is what keeps customers coming back.

Sandra B.

We both have confidence in your care and enjoy everyone who works there. Thank you!


Julie, Christine, Jill, I don't remember all the names - they were all great!

Suzan P.

I always feel welcomed and that my business is appreciated. I am glad to have found Dr. Couchman and would recommend him to all my friends.

Pamela C.

The best dental experience I have ever had.

Raymond B.

I really appreciated you getting me in quickly when my crown came off. You exceeded my expectations.

Stephen U.

Julie is the best!

Melissa W.

Everyone I met was very nice to my daughter and I.

Ashlyn C.

I met Julie - she was very friendly and professional - explaining several procedures and products (floss & Rota-dent). I enjoyed the visit as always! I love my teeth very much!

Karen W.

I loved the whole experience...Thank you! The dental assistant was very kind and personable and made me feel like a welcome addition to their patient family. Dr. Couchman was great and I felt at ease with him. The ladies at the desk on the way out were just like the cherry on top! Thank to all, see you in a month.


Julie was GREAT!! She made the visit very painless and comfortable.

Melissa B.

Everything was wonderful. I finally met Laura who is a great asset to your office.

Marie R.

Everyone was very friendly and made me feel very welcome as a new patient.

Richard K.

I simply love Julie--she is the best!

Kerry G.

I enjoyed talking to Anja during my visit. It was a very pleasant visit which for me is simply amazing.

Carol A.

I would just like to say thank you to the entire staff. Both of my boys had a great experience at their appointments. So thank you for making their experience a positive one.

Alissa W.

Vanessa, my hygienist was awesome!!

Kristina F.

Always a pleasure coming in!

Pam R.

I want to thank Dr. Couchman and staff for your heartfelt and uplifting prayer ... I have never in my life had such a warm feeling as I did when I left your office and still continue to have even today. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Susan V.

Erin will be missed but Julie is fantastic!! My Thanks to Dr. Couchman and the rest of his team!

Joseph B.

I like the email and text reminders.

Dan V.

In fact, I mentioned your practice to a colleague yesterday about how well my technician performed her duties. She has the artist's piece of dental treatment. caregiver this time has that natural gift to go with the other traits. It's like listening to two renditions of Chopin, both skillfully played and enjoyable, but one KNOWS Chopin and you can sense it.

William K.

I always enjoy seeing you guys! See you again in 6 months. :)

Denise A.

Friendly, professional environment. Julie is the best hygienist I've ever been to...and Dr. Couchman is the best dentist. All the staff are wonderful.

Gail L.

Julie was very friendly, explained everything that she was going to be doing, really made me feel less nervous. Dr. Couchman was very friendly really trying to get to know me more relaxed as well. I would highly recommend Dr. Couchman to anyone needing a new dentist. Thanks so much...for making me feel better about myself...

Cheryl K.

All the staff was great.

Donald C.

It was wonderful meeting Julie for the first time!

Carla H.

First visit to a new dentist and I Immediately liked Dr. Couchman and the staff. My husband is now considering moving his dentistry needs to Dr. Couchman.

Kimberly W.

You guys are great.

David K.

Julie does excellent work - NO PAIN!! THANKS

Nick R.

Julie was awesome.

Karin C.

All of you were very courteous and helpful and made me feel comfortable. I am so pleased.

Lois M.

The front office was very helpful with the insurance. The dental staff was polite and personable. And the doctor was very down to earth and eager to learn my goals in dental care.

Benjamin L.

Thank you all for taking good care of me.

Rainer J.

Julie is fantastic - I look forward to our visits while getting my teeth cleaned!

Meryl S.

You are SUPERB!

Jean S.

Everything went well, all were courteous and kind.

Jeri E.

Your staff always makes my visit a pleasant experience. Thanks

Cruz M.

Loved it and will tell everyone I know.

Carl G.

The staff are warm, professional and inviting. I always enjoy coming in to have my teeth cleaned.

Jeffrey S.

A great experience. Thank you.

Terry B.

Vanessa did a great job.

Stephen U.

First of all, I appreciate being accomodated for my emergency. I was impressed with the people who tended to my dental work. They were very professional and efficient and I am satisfied with the outcome. Thanks to all.

Harold M.

I absolutely loved Julie, she is the best. I am looking forward to my next visitand then I will know what my options are both with my teeth and how to finance my future visits. You guys are great.


My visit was a very good experience. My congratulations to a professional staff. My wife is going to be making an appointment with you very soon. Hopefully on the same day as my next one because we travel from Salida. God bless you all.


Dr Couchman has been my dentist for several years now. His office and staff are outstanding. Always warm, welcoming and treating me with the utmost care. I couldn't recommend a better dental team! Thank you!

Joseph B.

The whole staff is wonderful! Thank you!


Thought I had an appointment with Julie, but actually it was with Vanessa. Both are GREAT!

Gail M.

The team was very cordial and seemed happy to be there. Julie was excellent and explained the procedures very well as she went along.

Walfred S.

Vanessa did a great job and was gentle in her advisement for me to floss. "Floss around the teeth you want to keep" was the best message for me and has motivated me and my son. Great job Vanessa and Couchman team.

Tony L.

When I first came to your office needing a root canal, I was very nervous, because of a bad experience many years ago. You guys made those memories a thing of the past! Professional people! Julie is gentle;) And caring - kudos Julie!! Thanks all.

Nick R.

I always enjoy my visits to the office and look forward in seeing Julie, Dr. Couchman, and Christine again. Thank you for all your sweet bedside manner, great smiles, and care. :)

Denise A.

The atmosphere of the office was friendly and relaxing. I appreciated the time spent with Dr. Couchman regarding my issues.

Bill B.

All of the staff in the office is very friendly. Julie did a great job as always.

Chris C.

Everyone was professional and pleasant.

David J.

Julie does a great job. Very professional.

Lyle S.

Julie did a wonderful job.

Bruce L.

Always a pleasant experience.

Kelly J.

In an emergency situation, I called at 8:00am and Christine gave me a 9am appointment -same day! Excellent customer service & empathy for a patient in need. Very unusual in today's world!

Karen W.

THANK YOU! And a big thank you to Dr. Couchman...


One of my best dental experiences, I would very much recommend Dr. Couchman & the whole staff. Every staff member had a great vibe. I can't say enough about the smiles... Thank you.


Julie is the best!

Melissa W.

This is the absolute best dental practice I have ever been to. I love everybody there! What an amazing group of employees. :)

Leslie C.

After years of procrastinating, I finally agreed to get my old dentures replaced. I had grown very comfortable with my old ones, but they didn't look attractive anymore so I told Dr. Couchman that it was time. After a brief appointment to take new molds of my mouth, I returned about a week later to try on my new pair. I was pleasantly surprised that they felt just like my old pair, but they looked fantastic! I returned about a week later for a follow-up visit and I happily reported that I hadn't experienced a single problem in the last week and I couldn't be happier. My new dentures looked brand new and felt like I'd been wearing them for years - that's a winning combination!

Deborah E.

Love my hygienist - Julie! She is very personable, explains what she is doing so you know what to expect and is very gentle!:)

Grace L.

Thank you for everything Dr.

Alfredo T.

Everyone was really special!

Lynn A.

Dr. Couchman,
You are a consummate professional, always willing to go "the extra mile" . To ensure this patient's complete satisfaction. Your staff, administrative and technical, made me feel comfortable and welcome. I'm extremely pleased that you saved my tooth and did an exemplary job, cosmetically in doing so.

Alan S.

Your dental assistant, Laura, is a delightful woman with grace and charm. A real consummate professional, as is Dr. Couchman, she patiently explained to me each step of the procedure she was going to perform, and when I shivered at the near end of the dental procedure, she brought me a blanket. Can't beat that for kindness and caring. You folks do it all, I wouldn't change a thing. I'm extremely pleased with the dental work performed today, and my wife is equally happy about my "new look". Thanks a whole bunch.

Alan S.

The staff is always so pleasant to us. Thank you!

Damon Y.

The office environment is comfortable and staffed with friendly personnel. Julie provides excellent services to me.

Julie H.

I had an excellent visit. I found everyone to be professional and thorough. High quality dental care. I've already referred others. Perhaps the most gentle exam and cleaning I've ever had.

Billy M.

It's an honor for me to have all of you as my dental family. The care and respect that you all show your customer is top quality! Thanks for having a business with honesty and moral character!

Elnora L.

This appointment was a quasi "emergency" call. I was worked into Dr. Couchman's schedule within two hours. I appreciated being able to get in so quickly.

Gary L.

As always, Julie was great. I was just there for a teeth cleaning, but she is always professional, yet friendly. Like most people, I don't look forward to getting my teeth cleaned, but knowing that she will be the one doing the work certainly takes the drudgery out of it.

Kerry G.

Julie is always super. She is friendly, competent, and explains procedures well. Keep it up!

Thomas G.

I appreciate the fact that I was able to be seen Monday morning due to a weekend dental emergency. I also appreciate that I was not given too hard or a time for my lack of following up on needed dental care the last few years. Hopefully, I will be able to handle this financially in the next few months and get "back on track" with caring for my dental health.

Brenda K.