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Relaxation Dentistry - Donald Couchman, DDS

Sedation Dentistry in Colorado Springs: Relaxation Dentistry


The dentist can be a scary prospect for adults and children alike, though sedation dentistry is advantageous for both. Fear and anxiety can slow or even stop a dental procedure. Inhaled sedation, is sometimes not enough and a more powerful medication is needed. Thanks to sedation dentistry in Colorado Springs, you can have an anxiety-free appointment. Oral conscious sedation dentistry in Colorado Springs is a great option that keeps you relaxed, but awake. 


What to Expect


You will be prescribed a medication that you will take by mouth the night before your procedure and again when you arrive at your appointment. You will feel very relaxed and sleepy. Because of this, make sure to get someone to drive you to and from your appointment. The type of drug used depends on your specific needs, but common drugs used include diazepam, triazolam, zaleplon, lorazepam, and hydroxyzine. These may be better known to you as Valium, Halcion, Sonata, Ativan, Vistaril, or Versed. Each is used in a different context.


During the procedure, Dr. Couchman and his assistants will carefully monitor your vital signs to ensure you are doing well. You may enjoy listening to music while the Dr. Couchman works. You will also wear tinted glasses to protect your eyes from the bright operating lights. There are blankets available if you get cold, and pillows for your ultimate comfort. Sedation dentistry is all about your relaxation. 


Oral sedation does not provide and anesthesia; that will be separate. You will be so relaxed, you may not even remember when the local anesthetic is given. Following your procedure, you will probably want to take a nap. After the sedation medication begins to wear off, you will feel well rested and comfortable. Please be aware that the medication takes time to leave your system completely. You should allow 24 hours from the time you took the last dose before driving, using heavy machinery, or participating in other potentially dangerous activities.


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