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What is Inhalation Conscious Sedation?

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Sedation Dentistry in Colorado Springs: What to Expect

When you make an appointment for sedation dentistry in Colorado Springs, you’ll have the opportunity to drive yourself to your visit. Most of our sedation patients arrive at our office relaxed and normal, assured by the knowledge that they will receive Oxygen/Nitrous Oxide to maintain their comfort throughout the dental appointment.


At the time of your appointment, a member of our staff will escort you to the designated treatment area and help you get seated in the dental chair. Once you are relaxed and comfortable, you will be given pure oxygen through a mask that will be placed over your nose.


We will do everything it takes to make you comfortable. If you become cold, we will provide a blanket. If you are uncomfortable, we’ll provide a small pillow for your back. If you would like to listen to relaxing music, we will get you a CD player. We want our sedation patients to feel entirely comfortable and relaxed before, during, and after their visit.


What’s more, the Oxygen/Nitrous Oxide mixture will be adjusted until it meets your needs and comfort level. With our sedation dentistry in Colorado Springs, the mixture can be adjusted throughout the appointment, according to the needs of the patient.


Once your treatment has finished, our staff will turn off the Nitrous Oxide and you will receive pure Oxygen until you feel normal once again. When the effects of the Oxygen/Nitrous Oxide mixture have worn off entirely, you’ll feel awake, alert, and normal. In most cases, our sedation patients remember little about their dental experience and are able to drive themselves home and spend the rest of the day doing their normal routine.


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