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Is Oral Sedation an Option for you?


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Is Sedation Dentistry in Colorado Springs Right For You?


If you are one of the many who have fear, stress, or anxiety about visiting the dentist, you can benefit from conscious sedation. If fear and anxiety isn’t your problem but you need or require extensive dental treatment, conscious sedation (also known as sedation dentistry and relaxation dentistry) is still something you should consider. 


Our sedation dentistry in Colorado Springs allows most people to overcome the stress, fear, and anxiety associated with dental treatment, because they can relax during their dental visit. If you’ve experienced troubling dental experiences in the past, it could be the source of your current apprehension about dentistry or dentists. If your anxiety or fear is preventing you from getting the attention and Dental Care you need, conscious sedation can help you relax.


Others who might be helped through conscious sedation include those who have a fear of needles, have difficulty getting numb during dental procedures, or suffer from a bad gag reflex. All too often these problems keep people from getting the dental care they need, but it doesn’t need to be that way.

Reasons why you should consider sedation dentistry include:

       A history of negative or bad experiences at the dentist

       A fear of going to the dentist

       Afflicted with conditions such as Parkinson’s disease or cerebral palsy that make it difficult to control movement

       Anxiety, fear or stress about going to the dentist

       Fear of needles

       General dental phobia

       Painful or sensitive teeth

       People who want a natural, beautiful smile but have anxiety or fear associated with dentistry

       People with a limited amount of time to complete the necessary treatments and need to have multiple procedures in a single appointment. Treatment that typically requires multiple visits are often pushed to be accomplished in just one visit.

       Difficulty getting numb

       Irritated with a severe gag reflex

       Your dental appointments often run long due to complicated treatments




When sedation occurs and a patient is sufficiently relaxed it is possible to complete an extensive amount of complex dental procedures in just one visit. Another happy side effect of sedation is little or no memory of a visit to the dentist.


Reminder: Discuss any medications you are taking or allergies to other drugs before undergoing sedation.



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