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Inhalation Sedation Facts

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Dental Relaxation

Relax at the Dentist’s? Calming Sedation Dentistry in Colorado Springs


If the words “relax” and “dentist” seem like a strange combination to you, you’re probably not familiar with the “no pain” option called sedation dentistry! Colorado Springs patients don’t need to look any further than Couchman Dental for the ultimate relaxing dental experience. 



Helpful Facts about Sedation Dentistry


  • The top reason why people choose sedation is because they fear needles
  • Even patients who have difficulty getting numb with traditional methods can be helped by inhalation sedation
  • Inhalation sedation dentistry can help people with movement disorders like Parkinson’s disease or cerebral palsy during dental visits
  • It’s easier than you think—the process uses a mask that feeds a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen into your lungs to help you feel calm
  • It works well for a majority of patients and leaves little or no memory of the procedure
  • Dentists have used nitrous oxide and oxygen for many years, so they know how to relieve your fear and concern about dental work
  • Inhalation sedation is safe! It works incredibly well to relieve all stress, fear, and dental anxiety
  • Some patients are so relaxed that they sleep through the procedure, helping them feel rejuvenated afterward
  • Patients who are relaxed and comfortable make it easier to complete complex treatments in a single appointment
  • Dentists are able to complete even extensive and higher quality work in less time on patients who are fully relaxed


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