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Single Tooth Replacement

Easy Solutions for a Dental Crown in Colorado Springs

If damage occurs to both the root and the tooth to the point that the tooth must be removed, the best replacement option is an implant with a ceramic crown. An implant with a crown is the most natural looking and functioning option for tooth loss. A dental crown in Colorado Springs is permanent. Our method is known as the one-piece implant. That means that once the implant is inserted, your smile is whole once more. This results in:

    •       A full set of immediately functioning teeth.

    •       An attractive smile. 

    •       A permanent, reliable solution to tooth loss.

    •       Shorter treatment time (about four dental visits total).

    •       Shorter recovery time.


Treatment: Step-by-Step Process of a Dental Crown in Colorado Springs

There are several options available for an implant and dental crown in Colorado Springs. Your dentist will advise you on the best course of action for you. Here is the general process you will experience:


 Before Installing Teeth  Installing The Implant
1: Before the procedure
Your first visit to the dentist will include a full exam, a consultation with your dentist, and x-rays in preparation for the procedure.
2: Installing the implant
Barring any additional needs, your next appointment will see your implant installed. You will walk out of the office with a temporary crown that will let you function normally. It will take a few months for the implant to fuse with the jawbone before you will be given your permanent crown.
 Attaching The New Crown  End Result
3: Attaching the new crown
Receiving your permanent crown is the last step in the process. This ceramic tooth will be carefully matched to your tooth shape and color so it blends flawlessly.
4: End result
Your new implant is permanent and will last you a lifetime. Good dental hygiene will ensure you don’t encounter any problems.

Alternatives to Implant and Ceramic Dental Crown in Colorado Springs

Should an implant not be a good option for you, there are other options available.

 Tooth-Supported Fixed Bridge Tooth-supported fixed bridge
A fixed bridge that is supported by surrounding teeth can be a good alternative if an implant is not an option. This is the traditional procedure for a dental crown in Colorado Springs. Adjacent teeth are ground down into a peg-like shape. Then a three-tooth crown is placed. The one in the middle replaces the missing tooth, and the other two are placed on the ground down teeth to anchor the bridge. There are some downsides to this procedure, such as sacrificing adjacent teeth.
 Removable Partial Denture Removable partial denture
A removable partial denture is an option that is not permanent. It is less stable than any other option available. It is a removable, retainer-like apparatus. A partial denture is made of plastic and has the replacement tooth attached to it. It is placed next to the roof of the mouth or under the tongue just like an orthodontic retainer. The least invasive alternative procedure, a removable partial denture looks like a ceramic crown, but is far less stable or functional.
 Resin-Bonded Bridge Resin-bonded bridge

A resin-bonded bridge is similar to a fixed bridge but instead of grinding down adjacent teeth to attach it, it is attached with a resin adhesive. This is the quickest method of repair for missing teeth, and it doesn’t affect healthy teeth. However, thus procedure it is not very permanent. You can expect it to remain attached for a couple of years. Then you will need to have it reattached.


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