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Multiple Teeth Replacement

Multiple Teeth Replacement Colorado Springs



In circumstances where the back three teeth are missing, the instillation of a fixed bridge is often considered the best treatment. Fixed bridges are currently offered as part of our complete dental care in Colorado Springs. In addition to being the only fixed alternative, there are several well-known benefits associated with fixed bridges attached to implants—including superior stability and function when compared to traditional dentures. 

As a replacement for missing back teeth, the dental implants that the fixed bridge are attached to offer unparalleled stability and strength that was previously compromised from loss of teeth. The implants preserve your natural jawbone and facial appearance while also providing the stability to let you eat whatever you choose.

In summary, implants are the only fixed alternative available in our complete dental care in Colorado Springs to replace several missing teeth. They provide a secure, stable solution that gives you the freedom to eat what you want while preventing bone loss and preserving your natural facial appearance.

Treatment Multiple Teeth Replacement

In most cases after an initial examination, it only takes an additional 4 to 5 visits to ensure that the fixed bridge is permanently attached. As a natural result of the procedure, some minor swelling and bruising of the soft tissue and in the gum is to be expected. Luckily, any residual discomfort can be easily treated with ordinary pain medication. Even with the drastic changes of implants, a patient recovering from this procedure can expect to return to work the very next day.



A Step-by-Step view of a Fixed Bridge Installation

Every dental treatment will have several options available, and the course of treatment described in this section shows just one option offered in our complete dental care in Colorado Springs. To find the best solution to your specific condition, a consolation with your dentist will be necessary.

 Before the Multiple teeth Replacement Procedure  Installing the Implant
1: Before the procedure

This appointment addresses problems that arise when three molars at the back of a patient’s mouth are missing. Patients in this situation who are looking for a permanent replacement have only one option: have a fixed bridge installed where the teeth are missing. Anchored on Anchored on dental implants, the bridge holds all of the replacement teeth in one convenient piece.

2: Installing the implant

It usually takes only a single session to install the implants—the main treatment step. After that, some dentists elect to install a temporary bridge, which enables patients to function normally immediately after visiting the dentist.

 Attaching the Bridge  End Result
3: Attaching the bridge
Before the permanent bridge is attached; the implants require time to join with the jawbone. This process usually takes 1-2 months, at which time implant installation becomes possible. Depending on the esthetical challenges and the number and type of teeth affected it may take longer.
4: End result

Once the bridge is attached permanently, it will be able to handle the pressure previously handled by natural, strong back teeth. Finally, patients with missing teeth will experience a secure and stable solution and the freedom to eat whatever they’d like. 



 Removable partial denture

Detachable Partial Dentures

Complicated and at times uncomfortable, this alternative treatment does not come close to the functionality of a permanent bridge installation. The removable partial denture is made of metal and plastic, which gives it a synthetic appearance and causes expensive fabrication costs. The upside to this treatment currently offered with our complete dental care in Colorado Springs is that installation is simple and natural teeth are spared in the process.


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