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Dental Restorations

Restorations Dentistry Colorado Springs


Fortunately, patient awareness and fluorides have decreased tooth decay over the last few years. However, teeth will always be prone to decay, breakage, and infection, and sometimes require special treatment to be restored to normal health. Through modern technology and new techniques, Couchman Dental is pleased to offer more types of restoration to return a tooth to its normal appearance, shape, and function. 

If your teeth need a restorative treatment, turn to Couchman Dental. We will discuss your possible options and recommend a comfortable, non-obtrusive treatment. We are committed to providing you exceptional care as you reclaim your beautiful smile.

Why you might benefit from restorative dentistry

Improve your smile 

Fill in unattractive gaps 

Restore normal chewing and eating habits 

Stop tooth loss 

Repair decayed and damaged teeth 

Upgrade unattractive and outdated dental treatments 

Replace missing teeth 

Remove dental pain 

Correct or improve your bite 

Eradicate dental pain 


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