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Tooth Restorations and Dental Crowns Colorado Springs

Tooth Restorations with a Dental Crown in Colorado Springs



A crown restoration (also known as a cap restoration) encases a tooth’s whole surface with a covering that restores it to its original size and shape. This crown will strengthen and protect a tooth’s structure in ways that cannot be accomplished with fillings and other traditional types of tooth restoration.

While there are several different types of crowns, the most popular dental crown in Colorado Springs is porcelain (which matches the color of natural teeth). In addition to blending in with the color of your natural teeth, the size and shape will also be similar, resulting in a natural and healthy smile. These crowns are highly durable and can last for several years.

In the past, the installation process for crowns was lengthy and difficult, requiring multiple visits over several weeks and sensitive temporary crowns. Luckily, there is a new method for dental crowns in Colorado Springs that combines computer design, precise milling machines, and infrared imaging that takes only two hours. This method, known as Cerec, requires only one visit and has become more popular in recent years.

Cerec Crowns vs. Conventional Crowns: Why Cerec Is the Choice for You

       Cerec crowns require fewer anesthetics and about half the number of dental appointments— which means one important thing for you: less time for you in the dental chair.

       Cerec is an efficient, environmentally friendly procedure that can save you money.

a) Fewer materials are used, and most materials in the Cerec process have a substantially lower negative impact on the environment. 

b) Fewer appointments also mean fewer disposable materials will be required, namely rubber gloves, plastic products, syringes, paper produces, and autoclave cycles.

c)  Fewer appointments mean you won’t have to drive as much to and from the dental office.

       Cerec lowers your chances for complications that arise from most other temporary restoration procedures. These temporary restorations often leak, leading to increases in sensitivity. In worse case scenarios, this sensitivity requires additional treatment—including root canal therapy. With Cerec crowns, the procedures are started and finished in just one appointment, leaving the tooth’s structure better protected and sealed off at the earliest stage possible. This early sealing minimizes the risk of complications and increased sensitivity.

       In most cases, less tooth structure is lost via the Cerec method. Cerec crowns require less cutting away of the natural tooth during preparation.

      One of the main problems with conventional crowns arises from the metal substrate that the porcelain is bonded on. This metal substrate often provokes immune and allergic responses. You won’t have to worry about this with Cerec dental crowns in Colorado Springs because they are made of pure porcelain.



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