A Preventive Program for Family Dental in Colorado Springs


At Couchman Center for Complete Dentistry, we provide a preventive program for your family.
Our goal is to work with you and each member of your family to keep your teeth and mouth healthy and clean.
We can help your family to prevent dental conditions and diseases through our regular checkups, cleanings, and x-rays. 

Dental Exam

A comprehensive dental exam will be performed by your dentist at your initial dental visit. 
At regular check-up exams, your dentist and hygienist will perform the following:

  • Examination of diagnostic X-rays (radiographs): Essential for detection of decay, tumors, cysts, and bone loss.
    X-rays also help determine tooth and root positions

  • Oral cancer screening: Check the face, neck, lips, tongue, throat, tissues, and gums for any signs of oral cancer

  • Gum disease evaluation: Check the gums and bone around the teeth for any signs of periodontal disease

  • Examination of tooth decay: All tooth surfaces will be checked for decay with special dental instruments

  • Examination of existing restorations: Check current fillings, crowns, etc.

Professional Dental Cleaning

Professional dental cleanings (dental prophylaxis) are usually performed by Registered Dental Hygienists.
Your cleaning appointment will include a dental exam and the following:

  • Removal of calculus (tartar): Calculus is hardened plaque that has been left on the tooth for
    some time and is now firmly attached to the tooth surface.
    Calculus forms above and below the gum line and can only be removed with special dental instruments

  • Removal of plaque: Plaque is a sticky, almost invisible film that forms on the teeth.
    It is a growing colony of living bacteria, food debris, and saliva. The bacteria produce toxins (poisons) that inflame the gums.
    This inflammation is the start of periodontal disease!

  • Teeth polishing: Remove stain and plaque that is not otherwise removed during tooth brushing and scaling.

Dental X Rays

Dental radiographs are essential, preventative, diagnostic tools that provide valuable information
not visible during a regular dental exam. Dentists and dental hygienists use this information
to safely and accurately detect hidden dental abnormalities and complete an accurate treatment plan.
Without X-rays, problem areas may go undetected.

Dental X-rays may reveal:

  • Abscesses or cysts
  • Bone loss
  • Cancerous and non-cancerous tumors
  • Decay between the teeth
  • Developmental abnormalities
  • Poor tooth and root positions
  • Problems inside a tooth or below the gum line

Detecting and treating dental problems at an early stage can save you time, money, unnecessary discomfort, and your teeth!

We offer sealants and fluorides to keep your family’s teeth strong and beautiful, and you can do your part
by ensuring that your family practices good oral hygiene. Each of you must brush and floss regularly, and remember to eat a balanced diet
so that your teeth and bones receive the necessary nutrients to remain strong. 

Prevention is the best possible oral treatment. Do your part, and rely on us for the rest! Contact Couchman Center for Complete Dentistry to schedule your next dental cleaning.

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