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Tooth Whitening

Welcome To Whiter Teeth At Couchman Dental 
One of today’s top aesthetic concerns for physical appearance is a beautiful, even, and white smile. At Couchman Dental, tooth-whitening procedures are ever popular, and we know your results will make a statement without you saying a word—just smile! 
Top Reasons To Whiten Your Teeth 
Everyone wants their teeth to look great, but certain patients will benefit more from the whitening process than others: 
     Patients whose teeth are stained from fluorosis during developmental years 
     Patients with regular enamel wear 
     Patients whose teeth are too dark (particularly yellow or brown tints) 
What To Expect 
Although tooth whitening is generally straightforward, there are exceptions. Here are some things to consider before having your teeth whitened in our offices: 

  •  Tooth whitening works on natural enamel only, so you and your dentist should assess old fillings or crowns to see if it’s beneficial to remove them before bleaching, then restore them afterward.
  •  Whitening is not a permanent solution, and will need touch-ups—particularly if you’re a smoker or a coffee or tea drinker (this also                     applies to red wine). 

  •  Patients under 16, pregnant or lactating women, sensitive and allergic persons, and those with plentiful crowns or veneers are not good         candidates for whitening procedures.
  •  Tooth whitening may cause increased tooth and gum sensitivity (which generally subsides following treatment).
  •  Typical whitening procedures occur over two visits, after which time the customized bleaching trays may be used up to twice daily for 2 weeks, depending on your needs and instruction from the dentist. 

After your whitening visits, carefully follow your dentist’s instructions so your teeth achieve the best possible results—then, whenever possible, avoid prolonged exposure to foods and beverages with staining properties. Your dazzling new look will last longer. 
 Contact Dr. Couchman’s office today for a brighter smile tomorrow! 


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