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Transform Your Smile with a Traditional Fixed Bridge



When you have missing teeth, you don’t always feel like smiling. Couchman Dental wants to help change that by fitting you for a dental bridge today! We have the technology and expertise to completely transform your look and your life.


Porcelain Fixed Bridges


We offer several kinds of fixed (non-removable) dental bridges; Dr. Couchman and his team will explain all of your options for the best choice. Bridges generally fall into these categories:


       Traditional (porcelain fused to metal; two crowns that go over anchoring—abutment—teeth, attached to artificial teeth that fill missing tooth gaps)

       Cantilever (for adjacent teeth only on one side of a missing tooth/teeth)

       Maryland bonded (resin materials supported by metal framework; wings on either side are bonded to existing teeth)


Dental bridges are strong and durable; they need only occasional replacement or re-cementing after normal wear. 


Why Choose a Dental Bridge?


There are several common reasons why people choose a fixed dental bridge:


       To fill the space(s) left by a missing tooth or teeth

       To present a uniform facial shape and appearance

       To prevent remaining teeth from shifting

       To improve speech and chewing ability

       To “upgrade” from a removable device to a permanent appliance


The Procedure: What to Expect


At your initial visit, we’ll numb your teeth, partially remove enamel on the teeth receiving crowns, and take a highly accurate mold or impression. This will be sent to the lab to create your permanent bridge.


At your second appointment, we’ll check the fit, adjust as needed, and attach. Occasionally the bridge is cemented temporarily to allow you time to adjust to the device.


When we’re sure your new dental bridge is working perfectly, we attach it via permanent cement, and give you advice and support for proper care, brushing, and flossing. As always, the care you give your teeth helps you and your dental work live a long and happy life! Call us today.




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