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Few things in life influence your self-esteem as much as your smile. Let’s face it - when you feel confident in your dental appeal, you’re more likely to express yourself without worry. At Couchman Center for Complete Dentistry, we aren’t satisfied until you’re completely satisfied with the look of your rejuvenated smile provided by our exceptional cosmetic dental services.

Whether you’re looking for quick enhancements or are interested in a complete cosmetic smile makeover, Dr. Trent Sayers and his skilled team are passionate about helping patients of all ages achieve their ideal smiles.

Thanks to our innovative in-office equipment, working with a trusted dental lab, and a long-standing commitment to the Colorado Springs communities, we can ensure the very best results for every patient. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!


I’m Unsure If I Need Cosmetic Dentistry - How Can I Find Out?

Contrary to what you’ve heard or may believe, cosmetic dental care isn’t just for the famous or wealthy. In fact, the aesthetic treatments of today are truly comprehensive, meaning they can be tailored to every smile!

If you’re still unsure whether you could benefit from cosmetic dentistry, try asking yourself these five helpful questions when you look in the mirror:

  1. Am I satisfied with the look, shape, and shape of my teeth?
  2. Could my teeth be straighter?
  3. Do I have noticeable chips, cracks, or aesthetic damages?
  4. Do I have unwanted gaps between my teeth?
  5. Do I have missing teeth I want replaced?

Depending on your answers, it may be time to contact our office for a cosmetic consultation. Our team works closely alongside you, treating you with the utmost respect from the moment you walk through our doors.

We take the time to gain a full understanding of your needs, concerns, and goals, and, just as importantly, getting to know you as an individual. We only recommend what we feel is best suited for you. 

Can Cosmetic Dentistry Also Improve My Oral Health?

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Absolutely! Gorgeous smiles begin with a strong foundation of optimal oral health. The long-lasting results of each cosmetic treatment heavily rely on teeth and gums being free of decay and infection.

Before Dr. Trent Sayers recommends any procedure, we conduct a thorough examination of your smile with a detailed cleaning being necessary before receiving aesthetic care. Once good oral health is determined and achieved, we work with you to craft a cosmetic treatment plan that is all your own.

What Cosmetic Dentistry Services Do You Offer?

We are proud to offer many ways patients can achieve the smiles they’ve always wanted. Our cosmetic dentistry services include:

Achieving Radiant Smiles with Comprehensive Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic services, making it easy and safe to enhance the allure of your smile when administered by our team. Dr. Trent Sayers is proud to offer multiple ways to brighten your smile effortlessly with our in-office and take-home treatments.

For comfortable, chairside whitening performed in our office, we offer both Phillips® Zoom and Sapphire Whitening systems! Both products provide fast results and significantly reduce tooth sensitivity for those with sensitive enamel.

Phillips Zoom is the only in-office system that can tailor the strength of treatment, so you get maximized comfort throughout the procedure. Zoom is proven to lighten the shade of your smile by up to 8 shades in just 45 minutes.

Sapphire Whitening involves using dual-arch bleaching, completed in about an hour. No harmful UV-rays are used, and the professional-grade gel can provide those with sensitive enamel with little to no discomfort.

Introducing Our Whitening for Life Program!

With our Whitening for Life Program, we offer in-office and at-home whitening options, allowing you the freedom to choose which method is best for your smile and your schedule.

Our take-home whitening kits have an initial cost of $199.00, with the introductory expense for our in-office whitening treatments being $399.00.

In addition to these rates being lower than the national average, we offer free teeth whitening maintenance for life with both programs! All you’ll need to do is remain diligent with your dental visits every six months and maintain proper oral hygiene, and we’ll do the rest by providing you with a healthy, white smile for life!

How Did My Teeth Become Stained in the First Place?

With your smile continually being used to eat and drink, teeth are exposed to many types of substances. Certain foods and drinks, like coffee, red wine, tomato sauce, and dark berries, have rich pigments that buildup on enamel, gradually concealing the actual shade of your teeth over time.

While the leading culprits of enamel staining are typically dark foods, beverages, and smoking, it’s also possible for discoloration to happen because of genetics, injury, and certain medications. For these kinds of stains, our team offers composite bonding, porcelain veneers, and crowns.

White, Composite Materials for Natural Appeal and Effortless Protection

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Our Colorado Springs dentist believes in achieving smiles that are as strong and long-lasting as they are beautiful. That’s why we insist on only using the highest quality white, composite materials that blend seamlessly with natural enamel for our filling and dental bonding treatments.

Bonding is a simple cosmetic procedure involving the application of composite materials to the treated areas of your tooth for restoring your smile’s aesthetics and symmetry.

We use these life-like fillings to fill the treated area of the tooth after we’ve removed decay. Fillings are ideal for helping preserve teeth when most of their natural structure remains.

Addressing Multiple Smile Limitations with Porcelain Veneers

If the overall health of your smile is in good condition, but you have smile limitations you’d like addressed, veneers can help! These thin yet durable porcelain shells are placed over the front surfaces of your teeth, typically the most visible, concealing numerous dental imperfections.

Veneers can also treat dental limitations that can hinder your smile’s appeal and function, which include:

  • Chipped and cracked teeth
  • Dental gaps
  • Minor misalignment
  • Severe enamel discoloration
  • Weak, worn, or misshapen teeth

How Can I Know My Veneers Will Look Like Real Teeth?

The porcelain used to craft your veneers is incredibly popular because of its ability to mimic the look and translucency of natural enamel. Additionally, our dentist will match the color of your veneers with that of your surrounding teeth, ensuring that they match your smile identically.

How Long Do Veneers Last?

Veneers often last anywhere from five to fifteen years. However, with healthy eating habits, regular visits to our office for preventive care, and a strong oral hygiene routine, your veneers can last much longer!

What’s the Difference Between Crowns and Veneers?

While veneers do cover teeth like crowns, the porcelain shells mask only the front surface of teeth. Crowns are tooth prosthetics, designed to encase a severely worn or damaged tooth completely.

Preserving Dental Aesthetics and Health with CEREC Crowns

Traditional dental crowns require at least two appointments with a typical waiting period of up to two weeks for the tooth to be restored completely.

With CEREC crowns, full restoration can be done within a single office visit, allowing you to leave our practice with your smile restored like new!

What Makes Same-Day Crowns Different?

CEREC technology crowns involve using CAD/CAM digital imagery to design crown restorations within a span of only a few hours. It is a proven process with everything from tooth preparation to affixing the final crown conveniently completed within a single appointment.

Because these crowns require less preparation as opposed to traditional prosthetics, this helps persevere more of your natural tooth structure and also eliminates the need for a temporary prosthetic.

Dr. Trent Sayers uses intraoral cameras to take 3D images of your tooth to gain precise measurements. Then, the design is edited to craft your crown to match the specific shape, contours, ridges, and appeal of your natural teeth. Once the final design is ready, our in-office milling machine fabricates a replica design for your customized prosthetic.

Thanks to this innovative CEREC technology, each crown we craft is functional with beautiful results that look completely natural.

Benefits of CEREC Technology

CEREC crowns provide many advantages, the three most beneficial including:

  1. Saves Time: There is no need for additional appointments as same-day crowns are applied the same day.
  2. Precise Fit: Controlled computer-generated measuring creates a snug, ideal fit.
  3. Comfortable: You skip the need for messy impressions.

CEREC Crown treatment is often ideal for the following:

  1. Restoring Aesthetics Quickly: The appeal of your smile is renewed within a single appointment.
  2. Restoring Essential Function Immediately: Damaged teeth affect your speech, smile, and chewing patterns. Same-day crowns restore all these functions and more in one day!
  3. Preventing Further Injury: CEREC crowns help keep teeth stronger as they require less drilling and save more of your tooth’s natural structure.

Rejuvenating Your Smile After Tooth Loss with Dental Implants

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Dental implants are an ideal solution for rebuilding the smile by replacing missing teeth. Prolonged tooth loss increases your risk of developing gum disease and bone loss in your jawbone. As a result, surrounding teeth shift towards the site, which may also lead to additional tooth loss.

Because dental implants serve as artificial tooth roots once surgically placed in the jawbone, they help stop the many associated issues of missing teeth. They strengthen your jawbone and keep your bite properly aligned, preserving a healthy, beautiful smile.

When crowns, bridges, full dentures, or partials are affixed to implants, they look entirely natural, creating an appealing, attractive appearance once more. This also improves functionality, providing long-lasting solutions for problems with eating and digestion.

Are Braces Necessary?

A straight, symmetrical smile is often a more attractive one. But did you know that properly aligned teeth are often healthier? In addition to contributing towards lasting dental appeal, teeth that are free of overcrowding, misalignment, and overall crookedness have much lower risks for oral health issues.

Even those that practice strong oral hygiene find it increasingly difficult to clean their teeth properly due to tight spaces in between teeth and a bad bite. Unfortunately, this allows bacteria and plaque to build up in your smile, increasing your chances of cavities, decay, and even gum disease.

With the many orthodontic treatments available today, you can conveniently straighten your smile to improve your overall oral health and achieve a smile that is just as beautiful as it is healthy.

Encouraging Lasting Oral Health and Allure with Fastbraces

Portrait of teen girl showing dental braces.

Fastbraces® is an excellent option for straightening smiles quickly and effectively. We use this innovative orthodontic system to help patients achieve ideal dental alignment with accelerated results, sometimes as soon as 120 days! Not to worry, though, this braces method is reliable and does not compromise the quality of treatment in any way.

While traditional braces move teeth into position in two stages, the first with the crowns moved into alignment, and the second treating the roots of teeth, Fastbraces’ brackets and uniquely shaped square wire work to correct the position the tooth and roots simultaneously. This helps to realign the entire dental structure comprehensively, making for quicker, more effective results.

Can Anyone Undergo Treatment with Fastbraces?

Would you like a straight, more aligned smile? Would you like to achieve a beautiful smile, possibly within a few short months? If this sounds appealing to you, then congratulations, chances are you’re a great candidate for our Fastbraces system!

One huge advantage to Fastbraces is that this orthodontic treatment is usually a good option for children, teens, and adults! Contact us today to find out if its right for you!

Achieve Your Dream Smile Today!

Your smile is much too important not to feel complete confidence in its appeal. Dr. Trent Sayers proudly offers comprehensive cosmetic dentistry for improving oral health and function, all while helping you achieve the smile aesthetics you’ve always dreamed of.

Contact the team at Couchman Center for Complete Dentistry to set up your initial consultation! We look forward to helping you smile with confidence today!


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