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When You Should Get a Dental X-Ray



As in many medical procedures, x-rays can be beneficial to properly diagnosing necessary dental care. Also known as radiographs, x-rays provide an image of hard-to-see areas of the mouth that your Colorado Springs, CO dentist can then use to provide proper treatment and preventive care. Common abnormalities that dental x-rays reveal include:


       Decay between teeth

       Tooth or bone loss

       Poor root and tooth positions

       Problems inside of individual teeth

       Deficiencies below the gum line

       Tumors (both cancerous and non-cancerous)

       Developmental abnormalities


In addition to detecting these problems, x-rays can save you unnecessary discomfort, wasted time, and added cost. By diagnosing your oral deficiency now you can get corrective treatment that will improve your oral health before your situation worsens. As your Colorado Springs, CO dentist, Dr. Couchman and the staff at the Couchman Center for Complete Dentistry are experts in dental x-rays and will help you decide if an x-ray is advantageous for you.


If you do need an x-ray, you can rest assured that our equipment is top-of-the-line and completely pain free. Plus, since we have all requisite x-ray equipment in our office, you don’t have to make any extra trips. Dental x-rays are safe and have very low radiation. They involve placing a specialized bite wing in the desired portion of the mouth. The bite wing is held in place by the teeth. Then, a camera takes a picture (through the cheeks) of the area around the bite wing, thereby rendering an x-ray image. While the number and frequency of x-rays needed depends upon your individual situation, the general rule of thumb is that new x-rays should be taken every one to two years. New patients also benefit from a set of x-rays as they are the quickest way to ascertain needed oral treatment.



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