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Complete Dental Care from a Colorado Springs Dentist

Colorado Springs Complete Dental Care!

At Couchman Center for Complete Dentistry , we want to help you to enjoy the full and complete oral care that you need. To be able to serve you fully, we provide regular dental exams and professional dental cleaning.


Your Regular Dental Exam


As an important part of your overall oral care, a comprehensive dental exam will be the first thing that your dentist performs. This will allow him or her to identify your oral needs and to set up a plan to take care of any dental issues that you may have. On your regular check-ups, your dentist and dental hygienist will perform these screenings and evaluations:

  • An examination of your diagnostic x-rays (radiographs). This examination is essential for detecting any tumors, decay, cysts, or bone loss. Your x-rays will also help to determine the positions of your teeth and roots.
  • A screening for oral cancer. This screening will check your neck, face, lips, throat, tongue, gums, and tissues for any indications of oral cancer.
  • A gum disease evaluation. This evaluation will check your gums and the bone around your teeth for indications of periodontal disease.
  • An examination for tooth decay. Your dentist and dental hygienist will use special dental instruments to check the surfaces of your teeth for any decay.
  • An examination of existing restorations. This examination will check for existing crowns, fillings , etc.

Your Regular Professional Dental Cleaning

Registered Dental Hygienists usually perform dental cleanings, which are also known as dental prophylaxis. After your regular dental exam you will receive your dental cleaning, which includes these steps for complete dental care in Colorado Springs:


  • Calculus (tarter) removal. Calculus or tarter is plaque that has hardened on the tooth and is attached firmly to the surface of the tooth. The calculus forms below and above the gum line, and can be removed only by your dentist or dental hygienist. 
  • Plaque removal. Plaque is the nearly invisible layer of sticky substance that forms on teeth. The plaque is a colony of food debris, saliva, and living bacteria that grows on teeth. Inflammation produced by toxins (poisons) in the bacteria is the beginning of periodontal disease.
  • Teeth polishing. When your teeth are polished, stains and plaque are removed that brushing and scaling have missed.



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