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Invisalign FAQ’s - Couchman Center for Complete Dentistry

The Power of Invisibility At Couchman Dental

Not so many years ago, if you decided to get braces, the whole world knew it! Today’s technology, however, means you have greater options than ever before in quality orthodontics—including Invisalign and Clear Correct technology that help you straighten your teeth without making it obvious to everyone else.

At Couchman Dental, we employ three-dimensional imaging to show your custom treatment plan from initial fittings to the perfect results. Each specific “aligner” gently but persistently re-shapes your bite and typically is worn for two weeks before being replaced by the next. This process repeats with each successive aligner, and once you finish wearing the last unit, you’re done!


Clear Correct & Invisalign’s Convenient Technology


If the idea of ultra-clear teeth straighteners appeals to you, Clear Correct and Invisalign may be the perfect choices. Both brands are virtually invisible on teeth and are custom-designed for your mouth, keeping you comfortable while aligning your teeth. The straightening process happens in a predetermined sequence that takes less time than traditional braces.


Clear Correct is known for its superior, smooth finish and impeccable clarity. Both Clear Correct and Invisalign are created from thermoplastics that withstand wear during your straightening procedure, and look similar to most teeth-whitening trays. 


What Are The Features And Benefits Of Clear Correct And Invisalign?


Besides the image enhancement factor of having clear braces, Clear Correct and Invisalign offer other noticeable benefits:


  • Clear Correct and Invisalign devices are comfortable; there are no metal brackets or wires to cause irritation.
  • You can view a virtual plan of treatment before you begin the alignment process—so you know exactly what to expect.
  • Aligners are to teeth as great-fitting contact lenses are to eyes; they offer a great fit and are unobtrusive in appearance.
  • The alignment process takes less time than traditional braces.
  • Because you remove straightening devices while eating, certain foods and beverages are not “off limits” as they might be with traditional braces.
  • Both brands are easy to clean and maintain during the treatment process.
  • You can floss and brush normally to keep your teeth healthy.
  • Dentists who offer Invisalign and Clear Correct are specifically trained in all attendant issues to better serve patients.


Is Treatment Typically Painful?


Although patients do experience a few days of discomfort during the initial stage of each treatment level, it’s generally more of a “pressurized” feeling, which just means that the alignment is starting to move your teeth into the correct position. This feeling goes away fairly quickly as you become accustomed to the fit.


Most patients report that their alignment devices are comfortable and convenient!


More Tips To Follow During And After Alignment



Although it always takes some level of adjustment when working with a new procedure or device, it won’t be long until your aligners start to feel like they’re part of you. Just take note of these reminders and tips:

    •Tooth whitening works on natural enamel only, so you and your dentist should assess old fillings or crowns to see if it’s beneficial to            remove them before bleaching, then restore them afterward.
    •Whitening is not a permanent solution, and will need touch-ups—particularly if you’re a smoker or a coffee or tea drinker (this also applies        to red wine).
    •Patients under 16, pregnant or lactating women, sensitive and allergic persons, and those with plentiful crowns or veneers are not good       candidates for whitening procedures.
    •Tooth whitening may cause increased tooth and gum sensitivity (which generally subsides following treatment).
    •Typical whitening procedures occur over two visits, after which time the customized bleaching trays may be used up to twice daily for 2        weeks, depending on your needs and instruction from the dentist.


Trust A Doctor Who Knows

Because Dr. Couchman stays on top of the latest dental technology, he maintains an impeccable reputation as a Colorado Springs oral care expert. At Couchman Dental, your oral care matters. Trust your teeth to Dr. Couchman and all of us at Couchman Dental.

Interested in an unobtrusive, comfortable way to align your teeth? Call (888) 932-3644 today and schedule an appointment. We’ll help you know if Clear Correct or Invisalign is for you! Contact us today. 


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